Our vision is to let people experience luxury beyond the superficial consumption aspects by evoking the human aspects like desire, dreams and emotion with institutional videos.

Our magazine is a source of inspiration for our readers for whom luxury is a state of mind and a lifestyle choice. We only include institutional videos produced specifically for the target audience, which reflect brand’s identity and exclusivity while taking our readers on a journey to discover the world’s finest experiences.

Our goal is to connect high class individuals directly with prestige brands, giving an irresistible wide perspective on their products and services.

About us

The Luxury Lifestyle Magazines is a digital video publisher leading ten magazines which represent the rarity, timelessness and elegance of all the aspects of luxury. Our brand is part of the Fashion Channel Group which is the leading manufacturer of fashion contents since 1982 with a library of over 30,000 videos including all the fashion week shows of Milan, Paris, London and New York.

Our ten online video magazines are specialised on high-end luxury products such as jewels, watches, properties, yachts, cars, travel, flights, food, design and fashion.